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  • Coypu Trap (Piège ragondin)

    Coypu Trap (Piège ragondin)

    Our new green powder coated heavy duty Coypu trap features a unique treadle mechanism and ..


  • Badger Trap Kit

    Badger Trap Kit

    The badger trap accessory kit comprises of a heavy duty trap comb, securing pegs and carrying handle..


  • Badger Trapping Comb

    Badger Trapping Comb

    The trap comb makes vaccination of the badger a straightforward operation by trapping the badger at ..


  • Combo Fox Trap

    Combo Fox Trap

    We are pleased to introduce our new revolutionary combo fox trap that has both treadle plate and bai..


  • Whole Maize & Nut Nut Squirrel Lure

    Whole Maize & Nut Nut Squirrel Lure

    Whole maize is is one of best baits for trapping squirrels the vibrant yellow colour and their love ..


  • Whole Maize Squirrel Bait

    Whole Maize Squirrel Bait

    Whole maize is one of the best baits for trapping squirrels, the colour is a real attractor to them ..


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